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The Lynne CrossFit WoD

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CrossFit, the favored purposeful health routine with affiliated “bins” internationally, is partially recognized for its “Lady” exercises of the day (WODs). These Lady WoDs are notorious for his or her grueling properties. Designed to problem even essentially the most elite CrossFit athletes, the Lady exercises embody a few of the hardest CrossFit actions ever developed. 

In distinction, a few of the Lady WoDs embrace essentially the most fundamental of workouts—those you’ll probably see individuals acting at any given time in any given fitness center. The Lynne CrossFit WoD is one such exercise. It consists of simply two actions, the bench press and the pull-up, each of which most individuals are accustomed to. 

But CrossFitters from throughout regard the Lynne WoD as one of many hardest CrossFit benchmark exercises. This can be partly as a result of exercise’s distinctive construction that leaves the extent of toughness as much as you. 

The Lynne “Lady” WoD is as follows: 

5 rounds for time:

  • Max bench press (body weight)
  • Max pull-ups

Relaxation as wanted between actions and rounds.

The “Lynne” CrossFit Lady WoD

Rating: The Lynne WoD is scored for reps, that means you intention for as many reps as you’ll be able to presumably get on every set. 

Purpose Reps: Newbie: lower than 100 reps. Intermediate: 125-225 reps. Superior: 250-350 reps. Elite: 400+ reps.

Tools Wanted: Barbell, bumper plates, barbell clips, pull-up bar or rig

Degree: This WoD is difficult, however could be modified for all health ranges, together with inexperienced persons.

Each Lady WoD has a historical past; the Lynne WoD isn’t any completely different. A model of the Lynne WoD was first posted as an unnamed exercise on the CrossFit major web site on Might 12, 2004 (exercise 040512, because the WoDs was once named because the date they had been posted). The benchmark model used right now was first posted on Friday, April 8, 2005 (exercise 050408).

The Lynne WoD is called after Lynne Pitts, a former aggressive powerlifter and CrossFit athlete who ultimately turned a CrossFit HQ worker. 

In line with The CrossFit Journal, Pitts posted an extremely spectacular rating on the CrossFit web site. CrossFit’s then-CEO Greg Glassman observed and named the exercise after her, writing within the feedback, “Congratulations, Lynne! This exercise will bear your title from right here on!”

Easy methods to Carry out 3 Important Purposeful Motion Patterns for Health


Each CrossFit Lady WoD provides a novel set of advantages. While you do the Lynne WoD, you’ll be able to anticipate to achieve higher physique power, enhance your muscular endurance, and learn to make mind-muscle connections. 

Higher Physique Power

The bench press and pull-up combo within the Lynne WoD makes for a spicy upper-body exercise. Bench urgent works your pectoralis muscle groups (chest), in addition to your shoulders and triceps. Pull-ups—kipping or strict—work your biceps, higher again, decrease again, shoulders and chest. 

Muscular Endurance 

Muscular endurance refers to how lengthy your muscle groups can maintain an train. Repeating max units of an train is a incredible solution to construct muscular endurance, since you push your muscle groups to their most capability, whereas coaching at submaximal units might solely lead to submaximal enhancements. 

Thoughts-Physique Consciousness and Sensible Pacing

There’s one thing very uncommon concerning the Lynne WoD: you’ll be able to take so long as you need with it. 

“Wait, what?!” most CrossFitters would ask, even superior athletes. It’s an uncommon idea certainly for CrossFit, a sport whereby the standard purpose is to maneuver and end as rapidly as attainable. 

Thus, the Lynne WoD presents a novel problem for CrossFitters. You should be in tune along with your physique to tempo your self well and transfer easily by means of all 5 rounds. In fact, you’ll be able to relaxation so long as you need between actions and rounds, nevertheless it’s a good suggestion to have a timeframe in thoughts except you need to work by means of the Lynne WoD for an hour or extra. 

This follow of cautious pacing with weightlifting might help construct mind-body consciousness, or the artwork of listening to your physique communicate, an important talent for exercising normally.

Step-by-Step Directions

To achieve your optimum potential on the Lynne WoD, comply with these step-by-step ideas for organising and for every motion. 

Set Up for the Lynne WoD

For the Lynne WoD, you’ll must arrange a barbell loaded equal to your physique weight. Be sure your bench is sturdy and your barbell is racked at an applicable peak. Guarantee the realm is evident of stray objects for security. Should you plan on taking breaks in between units and rounds, it’s a good suggestion to maintain your water bottle close by to sip on throughout relaxation intervals. 

How To Bench Press

It is necessary to take care of good kind all through a bench press to cut back danger of harm and make sure you get the utmost advantages.

  1. After your bench and barbell are arrange, lie face-up on the bench. Your toes needs to be flat on the bottom, along with your shoulders and decrease again urgent into the bench. It’s okay to have a small arch in your decrease again, however don’t overextend. 
  2. Grip the barbell along with your arms barely wider than shoulder-width. Be sure the bar rests snugly in your palm. Wrap your hand all the way in which across the bar. 
  3. Straighten your elbows to carry the bar out of the barbell rack. 
  4. With management, decrease the burden to your chest. Be sure to maintain your elbows tucked near your torso—don’t allow them to flare out. 
  5. As soon as the barbell grazes your sternum, start to increase your arms to push the burden again up. 
  6. The rep is accomplished while you lock out your elbows on the high. When you lock out, start to decrease the barbell for one more rep. Hold repeating till you attain your most capability or are simply wanting failure.

How To Do Pull-Ups

This how-to discusses kipping pull-ups, that are the accepted commonplace in CrossFit. Should you’re considering doing strict pull-ups for the Lynne CrossFit WoD, see this step-by-step information.

  1. Soar or step as much as grip the pull-up bar. Place your arms barely wider than your shoulders. Wrap your palm and thumb across the bar totally, ensuring to get a full grip on the bar. Don’t depend on simply your fingers to maintain you up. 
  2. The “hole” place is the primary a part of the kip. Visualize your self mendacity face-up on the bottom, urgent your decrease again into the bottom, along with your legs and shoulders lifted. Attempt to mimic that very same place whereas hanging from the bar. You should interact your core to attain the hole place. 
  3. The arch is the second portion of the kip. To maneuver from the hole into the arch place, push your head by means of the window of your arms, arch your again, and ship your toes behind you. To visualise, image a string connected to your arms and toes, pulling them nearer collectively.
  4. Kipping entails alternating between the arch and hole positions: Start within the hole place, transition to an arch, and transfer again to the hole place. 
  5. As you progress into the second hole (on the tail-end of the kip), use your arms and again muscle groups to drag your physique up till your chin surpasses the peak of the bar. 
  6. When you attain the highest place within the pull-up, decrease your self by extending your arms with management. Take into consideration pushing away from the bar to transition again into the arch place. From there, carry out one other kipping pull-up. Repeat till you end a max-rep set.

Widespread Errors

Understanding normally presents alternatives for errors and potential accidents, however CrossFit—as a consequence of its emphasis on velocity and heavy lifting—could be notably harmful for those who push your self too exhausting or do not use the correct method. Be careful for these frequent errors to have a protected expertise with the Lynne WOD. 

Doing too Many Reps within the First Spherical

Sure, the exercise prescription says you must carry out most reps for every set and every spherical, however don’t take that to imply you must work to failure on every set. As an alternative, take note of your physique (bear in mind the mind-muscle connection talked about earlier?) and cease a number of reps wanting failure. This ensures you received’t should take extreme relaxation intervals and can nonetheless be capable of obtain a formidable variety of reps on every spherical.

Loading Your Barbell too Heavy

The barbell weight can be prescribed. As written, athletes carry out the Lynne WoD with a barbell weighing the identical as their physique weight. So, for those who weigh 150 kilos, you’ll load the barbell with 150 kilos. 

Should you can’t bench press your physique weight for various reps, you must scale back the burden. On the very least, you must be capable of carry out 5 reps along with your physique weight on the bar for every spherical. If that doesn’t sound doable, go lighter.

Not Utilizing an Applicable Pull-Up Modification

Just like the above, contemplate modifying the pull-ups for those who can’t do greater than 5 or 10 kipping pull-ups. Within the Modifications and Variations part under, you’ll study a number of pull-up modifications to attempt. 

Modifications and Variations

As with all CrossFit exercises, you’ll be able to modify the Lynne WoD to match your present health stage. If the Lynne WoD is just too troublesome for you as written, attempt one in all these modifications for actions, or one of many Lynne variations under. 

Exercise Modifications

If you have to, you can make modifications to the complete exercise. This might imply including in particular relaxation intervals, specifying the rep rely, or each. For instance, for those who don’t jive with the concept of limitless relaxation intervals or most reps, you can do the next: 

  • 15 reps bench press
  • 15 pull-ups 
  • Relaxation two minutes

Any variation of that might give the Lynne WoD extra construction, which is useful for newbie athletes. 

Bench Press Modifications

If the prescribed bench press does not give you the results you want, attempt one in all these choices.

Dumbbell Bench Press

For individuals with restricted mobility, dumbbell bench presses can supply a solution to work with chest and shoulder muscle groups with out tightness or ache within the shoulders or higher again. To do a dumbbell bench press for the Lynne WoD, select dumbbells which can be gentle sufficient so that you can carry out high-rep units whereas sustaining good kind. 

Grip Modifications

For individuals with shoulder accidents, a normal bench press grip would possibly worsen the harm, inflicting ache or tightness. To keep away from this, experiment with grip widths. You may attempt a slim grip or a large grip, however be certain that to take care of the next key methods whereas bench urgent: 

  • Keep the pure arch of your again (don’t overextend or overflex)
  • Keep a stable, engaged core (keep away from rotating someway)
  • Raise the barbell slowly and with management 
  • Hold the shoulders pressed into the bench

Bench Press to Construct Your Chest and Arms

Pull-Up Modifications

Should you aren’t fairly prepared for a real pull-up, any of those modified variations will do exactly superb within the Lynne WoD.


TRX or suspension rows are a good way for inexperienced persons to get used to a pulling movement. This train trains a horizontal pull relatively than a vertical pull, however nonetheless will increase again and core power. 

Leaping Pull-Up

Leaping pull-ups supply a method for inexperienced persons to follow good pull-up method with out overtaxing the arms, shoulders, or again. To do leaping pull-ups, place a field or bench beneath a pull-up bar. When standing on the field or bench, your chin needs to be barely decrease than the bar. 

Together with your toes flat on the field, bend your knees and lengthen your arms. Then, soar and pull to get your chin over the bar. 

Banded Pull-Up

Like leaping pull-ups, banded pull-ups supply a solution to offset the resistance of your physique weight. This modification entails wrapping a thick resistance band round a pull-up bar and placing your toes within the different finish. Right here’s a useful video demonstration of banded pull-ups.

Being pregnant Modifications

Should you’re pregnant, pull-ups might really feel uncomfortable or painful due to the stress in your stomach. Some pregnant ladies discover success substituting TRX or suspension rows instead of pull-ups, or just a barbell or dumbbell bent-over row. 

Damage Modifications

Should you’re injured, ask your coach about particular modifications you may make to keep away from aggravating your harm additional. Individuals who have shoulder or again accidents ought to take further warning with this WoD. 

Newbie and Superior Variations

Newbie “Lynne”

  • 5 rounds of: 

    • Max reps bench press at 50% of body weight
    • Max reps leaping pull-ups 

    Relaxation as wanted.

Superior “Lynne”

  • 5 rounds of: 

    • Max reps bench press (body weight)
    • Max reps strict pull-ups 

    Relaxation two minutes between rounds.

Security and Precautions

Earlier than making an attempt the Lynne CrossFit WoD, be certain that to take some easy however efficient precautions. The next might help you keep away from harm, dehydration, and exhaustion. 

  • Do a radical warmup, full with some gentle cardio to get blood flowing, dynamic workouts on your shoulders, and mobility work if wanted. 
  • Eat a meal or snack that features easy carbohydrates half-hour to 1 hour earlier than your exercise. 
  • Hydrate earlier than the exercise and likewise hold fluids close by throughout the exercise. 
  • Calm down with some gentle motion and stretching. 
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