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COVID-19 Can Lead To Weight problems In Children: 5 Efficient Weight Loss Yoga Asanas For Youngsters

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In an age overrun by expertise, kids are hit the toughest, particularly through the COVID disaster. With out common playtime with pals at college, kids are spending most of their time studying from the obvious screens of laptops and telephones. Know-how appears to have taken priority over playtime within the park floor, and the pandemic has worsened the scenario. Lack of bodily train can result in laziness and lethargy. This may result in many well being points like weight problems within the necessary early life of a kid.

Listed below are just a few urged asanas for apply. Together with weight reduction, constructing stamina, constructive channelling of energies, asanas enhance focus, focus and enhance reminiscence. These asanas are easy and could be practised wherever and at any time of the day.

Hastha Uthanasana


  • Elevate your arms over your head and lengthen your arms upward
  • Make sure that your palms face one another
  • Make a small arch together with your head, neck, and higher again
  • Your head and arms ought to transfer in unison



  • Start by standing in Samasthithi
  • Exhale and gently bend your higher physique down from the hips and contact your nostril to your knees Place palms on both facet of your ft
  • Chances are you’ll bend your knees barely if wanted
  • With apply, slowly straighten your knees and attempt to contact your chest to your thighs
  • Maintain this asana for some time

Tiryaka Tadasana


  • Start with Samsthiti and are available into Hastauttanasana posture
  • Be a part of your palms to type Pranam mudra
  • Slowly bend your physique in direction of the fitting facet
  • Stretch as a lot as doable
  • Maintain this posture for some time
  • Repeat on the opposite facet



  • Start by standing in Samasthithi
  • Raise your proper leg off the ground and steadiness your physique weight in your left leg
  • Place your proper foot on the within thigh of your elevate
  • Put it as close to to your pelvis as you’ll be able to
  • You may hold your foot in place by supporting it together with your palms
  • After you discover your steadiness, be part of your palms in Pranam Mudra at your coronary heart chakra
  • Elevate your Pranam in direction of the sky
  • Straighten your elbows and make sure that your head is in between your arms
  • Focus your gaze ahead
  • Repeat the identical with the alternate leg



  • Start by standing in Tadasana
  • Bend your knees and carry your left foot up
  • Cross your proper knee together with your left
  • Make sure that your proper foot is firmly positioned on the ground and your left thigh is over your proper thigh
  • Your left foot’s toes needs to be pointing downwards
  • Cross your proper shin together with your left toes
  • Cross your left arm together with your proper
  • Bend your elbows and wrap your forearms round one another
  • Attempt to be part of your palms in entrance of you
  • Hold your again straight
  • Focus at a degree and keep your steadiness
  • Repeat the identical on the opposite facet

It’s crucial that we make all efforts to convey again the need for bodily play in kids. This may be carried out with the assistance of yoga. Yoga aids not simply in stopping childhood weight problems but additionally develops the bodily improvement of the kid. This additionally imparts the information for social interplay and relation-building amongst kids in addition to within the adult-child equation. Selling a wholesome, lively way of life develops self-confidence, self-expression, and physique consciousness from an early age.

(This text is contributed by Himalayan Siddha, Grand Grasp Akshar)

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