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This is how your lip balm could possibly be irritating your lips

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There are one million merchandise within the drugstore that promise a fast repair to your chapped lips however whereas a fruity-flavoured balm could also be tempting, additionally they include components that good is doing extra hurt than good to your lips. So cosmetologist Dr Nandita Das asks you to step away from the lip balm if it comprises these components.

Menthol or phenol

Sure, menthol can present a right away cooling sensation however it will probably additionally trigger irritation and make your lips delicate. So it’s best that you just keep away from lip balms with menthol or phenol. As an alternative, search for merchandise with shea butter that won’t solely lock moisture in your lips but additionally offer you comfortable, kissable lips. These stunning info about lipsticks may simply hold you off them.

Vitamin E

Whereas vitamin E may be glorious to heal your pores and skin, some individuals can have allergic reactions to the applying of topical vitamin E. You may as a substitute strive making use of beeswax in your lips as it will probably seal the moisture in your lips with out the chance of irritation.


Sure, fragrances make the lip balms odor and style just a little higher however you might also have allergic reactions to the fragrances current within the lip balm. Cinnamon associated compounds are a number of the commonest culprits. Listed below are 4 methods to make pure lip balm at house.

Listed below are a number of extra tricks to hold your lips wholesome

  • A easy house treatment to heal chapped lips is to use a drop of ghee earlier than you sleep. Apply it for a number of days each evening and see your lips heal quickly.
  • Be sure your lips are freed from any lipstick or lip gloss on the finish of the day. Wipe it off gently with a moist cotton ball; by no means rub them vigorously to take away make-up.
  • Keep away from sharing lip beauty and balms with others as your saliva will get transferred to them whenever you lick them together with your tongue.

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