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The Kalsu Crossfit Hero WoD

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Many people who find themselves invested within the health world indirectly or one other—CrossFitters and non-CrossFitters alike—know in regards to the CrossFit Hero WoDs (exercises of the day). This particular assortment of CrossFit exercises includes insanely difficult, distinctive WoDs that had been designed in remembrance of a fallen hero. 

CrossFit Hero WoDs honor women and men who died within the line of motion whereas serving within the armed forces, legislation enforcement, emergency medical providers, and hearth rescue. The intention is to pay tribute to those fallen heroes by placing your self by way of onerous bodily work. 

The CrossFit “Kalsu” WoD is one that always seems at lists of “high hardest CrossFit hero exercises.” The exercise honors 1st Lt. James Robert Kalsu, eleventh Artillery Regiment, one hundred and first Airborne Division, U.S. Military, who died in motion on July 21, 1970 within the Ashau Valley in Vietnam.

Kalsu was additionally an All-American offensive deal with within the Nationwide Soccer League, enjoying with the Buffalo Payments for one season. He declined a deferment provide to proceed enjoying skilled soccer, and as an alternative determined to serve his nation within the Vietnam Battle.

The CrossFit hero “Kalsu” WoD is as follows:

  • 100 thrusters for time (135 kilos for males, 95 kilos for ladies) 
  • Begin with 5 burpees and full 5 burpees on the high of each minute

The “Kalsu” CrossFit Hero WoD

Rating: Your rating is the whole time it takes to finish all 100 thrusters.

Aim Instances: Newbie: 22-Half-hour. Intermediate: 19-22 minutes. Superior: 15-19 minutes. Elite: <14 minutes 

Gear Wanted: Barbell, bumper plates

Degree: This WoD is extraordinarily difficult however appropriate or scalable for all health ranges.


This difficult exercise is not only for present; listed below are a number of the advantages gained from finishing the Kalsu WoD.

Endurance and Stamina

With a exercise just like the Kalsu WoD, there’s nothing to it however to do it. Severely, you simply type of need to recover from the intimidation and go for it. Fortunately, you’ll reap some advantages of your intrepidity—the first two being endurance and stamina. 

You may in all probability infer that the Kalsu WoD promotes endurance simply by the sheer variety of reps. You should full 100 thrusters, and that alone is sufficient to incite a critical muscle burn. Now add in 5 burpees on the high of each minute: if the exercise takes you 20 minutes, that’s 100 burpees. 

This WoD is all about how lengthy you’ll be able to maintain transferring underneath pressure. 

Overhead and Hip Mobility

The principle motion within the Kalsu WoD—the barbell thruster—requires a superb vary of movement within the hips, shoulders, and thoracic backbone. Whereas it is best to have the requisite mobility earlier than making an attempt thrusters, performing them accurately together with your present vary of movement (e.g., half-squatting as an alternative of squatting to full depth so your torso does not collapse) can allow you to nonetheless get an excellent exercise as you proceed to enhance your vary of movement with mobility work, foam rolling, and stretching.

Psychological Grit

The Kalsu WoD is simply as a lot a psychological problem as it’s a bodily one. Simply trying on the exercise can evoke shudders. This exercise requires you to deliberately push your limits, to search for the top vary of how a lot work your physique can deal with. And it requires you to remain close to that restrict the whole time.

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Step-by-Step Directions

For the Kalsu WoD, all you want is a barbell and a few bumper plates. For males, the prescribed weight of 135 kilos means you want a 45-pound barbell and two 45-pound plates. For girls, the prescribed weight of 95 kilos means you want a 35-pound bar, two 25-pound plates, and two 5-pound plates. Be certain that to clip your weights onto the barbell so that they don’t slide off, particularly in case you are inclined to drop the barbell from overhead. 

How the Kalsu WoD Works

When the clock begins, you’ll start with 5 burpees. Then, you’ll instantly transfer to the barbell and begin performing thrusters. You’ll carry out thrusters till the highest of the subsequent minute, at which level you’ll do 5 extra burpees. This cycle continues till you full 100 thrusters.

Most CrossFit trainers will suggest that you just put the barbell down at 5 to 10 seconds earlier than the subsequent minute, in an try to offer your self some transition time.

An excellent tip is to decide on plenty of thrusters you’ll do each minute, regardless of how a lot your muscle groups and lungs burn. For instance, in case you can stick to 5 thrusters every minute, you’ll end the exercise in 20 minutes, which is a good rating.

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The right way to Do Thrusters 

The thruster is a fancy motion that blends two separate workout routines—the entrance squat and the overhead press—into one seamless stream. Right here’s how you can do it: 

  1. Stand with the barbell within the entrance rack place (you’ll must energy clear it to get up to now). Elbows level ahead; triceps hover parallel with the bottom; core turns into engaged; eyes look straight forward.
  2. Push your hips backward and bend your knees to provoke the squat descent. Maintain your heels flat on the ground and don’t let your elbows fall. Descend till you attain the top of your vary of movement, which can be at parallel, beneath parallel, or barely above parallel. 
  3. Drive by way of your heels and arise. As you come out of the squat, forcefully squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips ahead right into a full extension.
  4. The press: When you attain full extension of the hips, press the barbell overhead. When you lock out your elbows, the rep is full. Ensure you don’t overextend your again on this portion of the thruster—maintain your backbone impartial and core tight.
  5. The return: After you lock out overhead, rigorously return the barbell to the front-rack place. Bend your knees to soak up a number of the shock and keep away from bruising your collarbone. You may descend straight into one other rep, or take a second to reset and reposition your self. 

The right way to Do Burpees

Gotta love burpees, proper? Don’t fear, we all know the true reply: burpees type of suck. However, on the identical time, they’re type of enjoyable. Anyway, right here’s how you can do them: 

  1. Begin standing together with your toes about shoulder-width aside.
  2. Bend on the hips and the knees, bringing your palms to the ground. 
  3. Kick your toes out behind you to land within the excessive plank place.
  4. Decrease your physique to the bottom and push again up (AKA, carry out a push-up). You could decrease your whole torso to the bottom if a standard push-up is just too troublesome. 
  5. When you’re again into the excessive plank place, leap your toes ahead in order that they land proper outdoors of your arms. 
  6. Rise up straight and perform a little leap together with your arms above your head. 

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Widespread Errors

Despite the fact that you are solely performing two strikes, there’s nonetheless the potential for error. Listed here are a number of the commonest errors, and how you can keep away from them.

Going Too Quick, Too Quickly

Maintain your horses: You could be excited in regards to the Kalsu WoD and need to go all out, however that’s not one of the best technique (it is likely to be the worst). As an alternative of attempting to make this exercise as intense as potential, attempt to tempo your self. 

Choose plenty of thrusters you’ll be able to full each minute even if you’re drained—the variety of reps must be difficult, however doable. You need the primary two to 3 units to really feel reasonably straightforward, as a result of belief us, it’s going to get actually onerous, actually shortly.

Utilizing a Weight That’s Too Heavy 

Don’t let your ego get one of the best of you. The prescribed weights for the Kalsu WoD are heavy even for superior CrossFitters. There’s no disgrace in scaling! Actually, scaling appropriately means you protect the meant stimulus of the exercise, which within the case of Kalsu, is to maneuver comparatively shortly. 

Approach Errors

As a result of the thruster is such a fancy motion, it comes with loads of potential errors. Among the commonest thruster errors embrace:

  • Poor entrance rack place: Your core isn’t engaged, your elbows level too low, or your torso hyperextends. 
  • Restricted squat mobility: Your torso leans too far ahead through the descent, your heels increase off the bottom, or your knees collapse. 
  • Lack of full extension: On the ascent, you don’t absolutely lengthen your hips and legs. 
  • Restricted overhead mobility: You may’t press the barbell overhead or lock out your elbows due to shoulder or spinal vary of movement. 

There’s a typical theme for all of those errors, which is restricted mobility. You may get higher at thrusters by training mobility drills to your ankles, hips, higher backbone, and shoulders. Plus, incorporating mobility into your common coaching routine will enable you to enhance total as a result of your physique will be capable to entry deeper ranges of movement. 

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Modifications and Variations

There’s at all times a possibility to switch (or, in CrossFit lingo, scale) a exercise to your present health degree. Actually, a lot of the CrossFit methodology was constructed upon the foundational idea that everybody ought to practice the identical motion patterns—however the actual train and cargo will differ primarily based on health degree and life standing (i.e., age, being pregnant, and so on.). That mentioned, listed below are some straightforward methods to switch the Kalsu WoD to match your talents. 

Scale back the Weight 

So long as no accidents are current, the primary consideration ought to at all times be to cut back the burden. This fashion, you protect the motion and the stimulus (on this case, thrusters and quantity). You could want to cut back the burden by many kilos or as little as 5 kilos to finish all the reps—both approach, that’s okay!

Entrance Squats

For those who wrestle with a restricted overhead vary of movement, particularly resulting from an damage, you’ll be able to substitute thrusters with entrance squats. You’ll merely get rid of the urgent portion of the motion. 

Half-Burpees (or Up-Downs)

Some individuals could really feel uncomfortable with a full burpee, both as a result of the push-up portion is just too troublesome, or due to a life situation, similar to being pregnant (it’s positively not really helpful that pregnant ladies carry out CrossFit-style burpees). 

If so for you, strive half-burpees (additionally referred to as up-downs or just no-push-up burpees) as an alternative. To carry out these, you’ll observe the above steps for a burpee, however omit the push-up portion: As quickly as you kick your toes out, leap them again in and stand as much as full the rep.

Security and Precautions

At all times take care to organize for a exercise. Some particular precautions it’s best to take earlier than starting the Kalsu WoD embrace: 

  • Clip your barbells. Use barbell clips which are comfortable—they shouldn’t slip or slide and may maintain your bumper plates locked into place. 
  • Don’t drop the barbell from overhead. This places you and others in danger for damage. Decrease your barbell to the bottom with management each time you end a set of thrusters. 
  • Ensure you have sufficient area to work out. Clearly designate your space and ask others to create extra space in case you really feel they’re too shut.

After which there are some basic health security measures to remember: 

  • Ensure you’re hydrated and fed earlier than making an attempt this exercise. The Kalsu WoD could be a lengthy one (greater than Half-hour in lots of circumstances), so that you positively need to keep away from mid-workout starvation or dehydration. 
  • Put on correct footwear. Your sneakers must be sturdy and durable, and they need to match nicely. Trainers aren’t the only option for a WoD like Kalsu, as a result of they will contribute to ankle instability. As an alternative, select a shoe with a flat sole and wider toe field to assist maintain your heels on the bottom and your toes secure.
  • Heat as much as put together your muscle groups and joints for train. Diving straight into an intense exercise just like the Kalsu WoD with no warmup could be a recipe for damage. Analysis reveals {that a} correct warm-up can enhance blood stream and muscle temperature, which contributes to improved exercise efficiency and lowered threat of damage.
  • Spend a while cooling down with stretches or different restoration techniques, similar to foam rolling. Whereas analysis on the useful results of cooling down is restricted, you in all probability know from your individual anecdotal proof that you just really feel higher the day following a exercise in case you stretch afterward.
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