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CrossFit Coaching Phrases to Know Earlier than You Go

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Should you’ve ever overheard the dialog of a bunch of CrossFitters, you in all probability thought you had been listening to an odd new English dialect. (No, “pood” would not seek advice from what occurs within the lavatory and “AMRAP” is not the brand new menu merchandise at your native sandwich store.)

CrossFit actually does have a tradition of its personal and that features its personal particular language. However if you wish to have any clue what individuals are speaking concerning the first time you head to “a field,” which is a health club in CrossFit phrases, this CrossFit dictionary can assist.

The excellent news is that almost all CrossFit lingo is fairly straightforward to know when you notice it is principally stuffed with acronyms and abbreviations, together with a bunch of odd-sounding exercise names.

The Most Frequent CrossFit Phrases and Abbreviations

Except for train abbreviations and the specifics of specific exercises (these are for various articles solely), the phrases and phrases you will hear thrown round in most CrossFit containers to explain exercises, packages, and total tradition embody the next 60-plus phrases, listed in alphabetical order.


This stands for “as many rounds as doable.” It’s a kind of exercise the place you attempt to full as many rounds of the designated workouts and reps as you possibly can earlier than time runs out.

ATG or A2G

Each abbreviations are quick for “ass to grass.” This can be a squat train the place you decrease your glutes so far as you possibly can towards the bottom in an effort to maximise vary of movement.


An athlete is any CrossFit participant, regardless of how new or inexperienced.

Bacon Sizzle

This time period references the uncomfortable full-body wiggle you carry out to get comfy within the days following a troublesome exercise. It’s a nod to the inevitable delayed onset muscle soreness (see DOMS under).


A beast is a Crossfitter with a robust work ethic.

Beast Mode

The psychological and bodily impact that takes place when a CrossFitter (athlete) digs deep and pushes arduous by means of a troublesome exercise is usually known as beast mode.


A CrossFit health club is known as a field. These gyms are usually rugged, very like storage gyms.


This acronym is brief for “past the white board.” BTWD is an internet site and app the place you possibly can log your CrossFit exercises and outcomes. It performs off the truth that containers use whiteboards to report outcomes throughout exercises.


Each of those acronyms are used to reference body weight workouts, or an train that solely makes use of your body weight for resistance.


Should you hear somebody use this terminology, they’re referring to the Concept2 indoor rowing machine that’s widespread in lots of CrossFit containers.


A routine that includes numerous workouts and repetitions is known as a chipper. The time period happened as a result of it’s important to “chip away” on the exercise.


This phrase used to indicate an authorized CrossFit coach or teacher.

CrossFit Video games or CF Video games

That is the annual CrossFit competitors, culminating in a nationally-televised occasion the place contributors carry out workouts from conventional CrossFit exercises in an effort to be dubbed the fittest man or lady on earth. Any CrossFit athlete can participate within the early levels of competitors however solely the very best progress towards the Video games.

CrossFit HQ or CFHQ

The unique CrossFit field positioned in Santa Cruz, California, is known as CrossFit HQ or CFHQ for individuals who wish to actually shorten its title. It’s nonetheless operated by CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman. Each day exercises printed on CrossFit.com originate from CrossFit headquarters.

CrossFit Journal

The Journal is the CrossFit program’s official, subscription-based on-line publication. It presents info on the right way to carry out sure CrossFit strikes, vitamin ideas, and what it means to dwell the CrossFit way of life.

CrossFit Lung

The insufferable coughing and fire-like burning by means of the chest that takes place after a very powerful exercise is known as CrossFit Lung. It’s virtually all the time worse throughout chilly, dry climate.

CrossFit Open

That is the primary part of the CrossFit Video games, the place any CrossFit athlete can compete on-line or by means of their native field for a shot to progress to CrossFit Regionals.

CrossFit Regionals

Make it by means of the Open and also you progress to the regional qualifying spherical of the CrossFit Video games.

CTB or C2B

Quick for “chest to bar,” this can be a pullup the place athletes are to drag their chest all the way in which to the bar.


DFL, or “useless f’ing final”, is a slang phrase and abbreviation used when an athlete’s exercise rating places them in final place.


DNF is a rating given when an athlete fails to finish the prescribed work throughout a exercise with a time restrict and stands for “didn’t end.”


DNS, or “didn’t begin,” is the rating given if, for any motive, an athlete cannot begin a exercise.


Whereas not related solely with CrossFit, DOMS is brief for delayed onset muscle soreness and refers back to the soreness that always units in a single to 2 days after a troublesome exercise.


Some exercises name for an train to be accomplished at the beginning of each minute for a sure variety of minutes. That is known as EMOM and is brief for “each minute on the minute.”

For example, a exercise would possibly name for 10 kipping pullups EMOM for 5 minutes. At first of each minute, athletes should carry out 10 kipping pullups. By the tip of the 5 minutes, the purpose is to have accomplished a complete of fifty kipping pullups.


The highest-level CrossFit athletes who all the time appear to finish their exercises and nonetheless have power to cheer on their fellow CrossFitters are often called firebreathers.

For Time

A “for time” exercise is a mode of exercise that emphasizes velocity. Basically it pushes CrossFit athletes to carry out the exercise as quick as doable since scores are primarily based on time to completion.


A particular piece of apparatus designed particularly to focus on the glutes and hamstrings, the glute hamstring developer (GHD) helps strengthen and tone your bottom.


A goat is an train you are not excellent at…but.


Just like the “beasts” and “firebreathers,” a gorilla has no downside pushing arduous by means of even the hardest exercises.


Basic bodily preparedness, or GPP, is the phrase utilized in CrossFit in reference to total bodily health.

Greg Glassman

Should you hear CrossFitters speaking about Greg Glassman, he’s the founding father of CrossFit.


In textual content terminology, GTG typically means “good to go.” In Crossfit, it means “grease the groove.”

This phrase references the efficiency of many submaximal units of an train spaced all through a day. For example, you would possibly carry out six units of 25 air squats, for a complete of 150 air squats accomplished by the tip of the day.

H2H or HTH

Quick for “hand at hand,” H2H or HTH refers to a combating approach often called hand at hand fight. It may possibly additionally seek advice from a selected kettlebell juggling approach which requires passing the kettlebell from one hand to the opposite.


KB is the shortened strategy to say kettlebell, which is a bell-shaped piece of energy coaching tools generally utilized in CrossFit exercises.


Knees to elbows (KTE) is an ab train the place athletes cling from a bar, as if about to carry out a pullup, then draw their knees up as excessive as doable, aiming to the touch their knees to their elbows.


An abbreviation for metabolic conditioning, met-con is a mode of exercise designed to reinforce cardiovascular endurance, typically by means of using excessive depth interval coaching.


Whether or not you hear “pood” or “pd”, the individual is speaking a few measurement for the load of kettlebells. One pood is roughly 36-pounds.


Your PR (private report) is your best-ever efficiency of a given exercise or train.

Pukie the Clown

A CrossFit “mascot,” Pukie the Clown highlights the adverse outcomes that may happen when athletes overdo it throughout their exercises. In different phrases, you would possibly vomit.

Rack Place

The position of a weighted bar when it is supported by the palms, simply in entrance of the chest and resting throughout the collar bone and anterior deltoids, is known as the rack place.


An abbreviation for “repetition,” rep is a phrase that signifies a single full completion of a given train.


Quick for “vary of movement,” this time period describes how a lot flexibility an athlete has at a given joint. ROM can range from particular person to particular person and joint to joint. One purpose of CrossFit is to take care of and enhance ROM to reinforce total health.

Rx'd as Rx'd

Rx is the abbreviation for “prescribed,” so when a exercise makes use of the phrase “Rx’d as Rx’d,” it is purported to be carried out precisely as written, with none changes or modifications.


Repetition most, or RM, is the maximal quantity of weight you possibly can raise for a given variety of repetitions. For example, your RM for one repetition can be larger than your RM for 10 repetitions.


Each CrossFit exercise is a contest and athletes are scored primarily based on their whole variety of reps carried out throughout a exercise. Athletes can monitor their scores and evaluate their outcomes to the larger CrossFit neighborhood on CrossFit.com.


A full sequence of repetitions is named a set. For example, if a exercise requires 10 air squats to be carried out in a row, a full set is accomplished when all 10 air squats are accomplished. Most exercises are phrased one thing like, “Carry out three units of 15 reps air squats.”


Particular bodily preparedness, or SPP, is how CrossFit refers to expertise coaching, or how good an athlete is at a selected part of skill-based health. For example, SPP would possibly assess how briskly an athlete can full an train compared to different athletes.

Stabilize the Midline

One other approach of claiming “tighten your core,” telling an athlete to stabilize the midline is a strategy to remind them to concentrate to the muscle tissues that help and stabilize the backbone. It’s used to encourage good type throughout difficult actions.

The Board

If somebody talks about “the board,” they’re speaking a few whiteboard or chalkboard the place every day exercise scores are tracked at every CrossFit field.


TnG is brief for “contact and go,” a mode of coaching that daunts pausing or resting between repetitions throughout a set.

TTB or T2B

Each acronyms are a approach of claiming, “toes to bar,” which is a notably difficult core train the place the athlete begins by hanging from a pullup bar, then makes use of their core and hips to attract their ft all the way in which as much as contact the bar.


Tabata coaching is a selected kind of high-intensity interval coaching the place athletes carry out a sequence of eight rounds of 20 seconds work adopted by 10 seconds relaxation. A full Tabata takes simply 4 minutes to finish. Work durations are carried out on the highest depth doable.

Tabata This

“Tabata This” is a selected 24-minute exercise protocol the place 5 whole Tabatas are carried out — one every for air squats, rowing, pullups, situps, and pushups. A one-minute operating relaxation interval is allowed between every Tabata.

The Hero WODs

Hero WODs are powerful exercises named after fallen servicemen and girls as a testomony to their heroism and energy. Hero WODs are launched periodically by CrossFit Headquarters, and as of October 2016, there have been greater than 160 completely different Hero WODs.

"The Ladies"

“The Ladies” exercises are well-known, standardized exercises created by CrossFit Headquarters as a approach for athletes to trace their progress over time. Most of these benchmark exercises aren’t carried out fairly often.

The unique six “women” launched in 2003 included Angie, Barbara, Chelsea, Diane, Elizabeth, and Fran. The remaining 9—Cindy, Grace, Karen, Jackie, Nancy, Isabel, Mary, Helen, and Linda—had been launched over time. 

The New Ladies

Further benchmark exercises launched by CrossFit Headquarters, the New Ladies solely differentiated from the unique 15 by their later introduction. New Lady exercise names embody Annie Eva, Kelly, Lynne, Nicole, Amanda, Gwen, Marguerita, Sweet, and Maggie.

The Whole WOD

The “whole” is the sum of three predominant lifts: the squat, the press, and the deadlift.


A UB, or “unbroken” exercise is a kind of exercise the place units, reps, or workouts are supposed to be carried out all in a row with none relaxation. Should you fail to proceed “unbroken,” you should begin over from the start.

Uncle Rhabdo

One other unofficial “mascot,” Uncle Rhabdo depicts the horrible unwanted effects that happen when an excessively-difficult exercise goes horribly improper, ensuing within the very critical situation known as rhabdomyolysis.

WO or W/O

This can be a easy abbreviation for a exercise, or the whole day’s work.


A WOD is a exercise of the day. It’s the official exercise carried out at a CrossFit field on a given day.


If somebody tells you “YBF,” it signifies that “you will be superb.” It’s a supposedly encouraging phrase that ought to make athletes just a bit bit apprehensive. Will you be superb, actually? The reply might be sure, however not with out expending a complete lot of labor and energy first.

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