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Attempt These 2 Yoga Poses After Dinner To Enhance Your Digestion

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Ideally, attempt to have your dinner not less than 3 hours earlier than you fall asleep. Consuming proper earlier than you sleep will not be a good suggestion for a lot of causes. Firstly, it’s the commonest contributor to weight achieve, the physique additionally begins to course of digestion throughout sleep which might not be nice to your intestine well being. Sukhasana and Vajrasana are two seated poses you could follow after dinner. Vajrasana is derived from the Sanskrit phrase Vajra, which suggests diamond or thunderbolt. Asana means pose, and this diamond pose can be known as Adamantine Pose. These are one of many few yoga poses that may be carried out on a full abdomen.



  • Start by standing straight together with your arms by the perimeters of your physique
  • Lean ahead and slowly drop your knees in your mat
  • Place your pelvis in your heels and level your toes outward
  • Right here, your thighs ought to press your calf muscle tissue
  • Maintain your heels shut to one another
  • Don’t place the toes on prime of the opposite, as an alternative proper and left have to be subsequent to one another
  • Place your palms in your knees dealing with upward
  • Straighten your again and look ahead
  • Maintain this asana for some time

Phrase of Recommendation: Keep away from doing this asana you probably have a knee or ankle harm.


Formation of the posture

  • Sit with legs stretched ahead
  • Fold your proper leg and drop your proper knee to the appropriate facet
  • Fold the opposite leg and type a cross together with your calf muscle tissue
  • Straighten your again
  • Place your palms in your knees
  • Repeat the identical with the opposite leg

Consuming earlier than sleeping is unhealthy because it results in points like constipation, bloating, and gastrointestinal issues and so on. Vajrasana promotes good digestion and aids liver capabilities. One of the crucial fundamental asanas, while you carry out Vajrasana, the blood move will increase to your pelvic space and abdomen enhancing bowel motion and digestion.

Vajrasana and Sukhasana are light poses that may be practised any time of the day, with none Sukshma Vyayam- warm-up workouts for the physique. The perfect time to do Vajrasana could be after a meal, to assist digestion. If you wish to put stress in your Surya Nadi (Solar channel), permit the left huge toe to softly relaxation on the appropriate huge toe and, to use stress on the Chandra Nadi, you’ll be able to place the appropriate huge toe on the left. Vajrasana can be identified to alleviate the practitioner from constipation and aids in higher nutrient absorption inside the physique.

(This text was contributed by Himalayan Siddha, Grand Grasp Akshar)

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