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Worldwide Day of Yoga 2021: Advantages of yoga for pregnant and lactating moms

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Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit phrase ‘Yuj’, which implies ‘to unite’. It signifies unified steadiness between thoughts, physique and soul. Yoga in being pregnant is a multidimensional bodily, psychological, emotional and mental preparation to take care of the numerous challenges of being pregnant. Childbirth is an emotional expertise however leaves one feeling delighted, exhilarated and exhausted on the similar time. Yoga assists with emotional regulation, makes you are feeling extra empowered to make selections, helps you develop sturdy connections together with your physique, thoughts and the foetus, allows you to settle for and respect your self and will increase the talents, confidence, self-efficiency and coping capability to handle ache throughout labour. On this Worldwide Day of Yoga, allow us to see why you will need to positively make yoga an integral a part of your being pregnant and post-pregnancy routine.


Yoga is a multifaceted strategy to train that encourages stretching, targeted respiration and psychological centring to remain calm throughout labour. On this Worldwide Day of Yoga, listed here are a number of the reason why you will need to make it part of your day by day ritual in case you are pregnant.

1. Common follow of yoga helps to cut back being pregnant challenges like

  • Insomnia (improves sleep)
  • Fatigue
  • Extreme maternal weight achieve
  • Low again & pelvic ache
  • Constipation
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Threat of gestational diabetes
  • Being pregnant induced hypertension
  • Melancholy & anxiousness (lowers the cortisol ranges)

2. It’ll enhance your capability to adapt to actions associated to toddler care

3. Common follow will even enhance posture and stamina

4. Yoga strengthens the muscle mass of the again , stomach and pelvis leading to

  • Decrease charges of induction of labour
  • Shorter period of labour
  • Lowered notion of labour pains
  • Decrease charges of caesarean deliveries (inactive girls are 3.7 instances prone to have LSCS)
  • Decrease charges of preterm births
  • Guarantee supply at applicable gestational age. 40% of ladies have decrease threat of preterm start.

5. Enhances nervous system regulation and elevates temper.


Yoga is a contemplative practise which includes, bodily postures (Asanas), respiration methods (Pranayam) and focus methods (Dhyana). Asanas give attention to constructing power and steadiness. Pranayam makes one conscious of 1’s respiration and boosts lung operate. Dhyan helps to pay shut consideration to ideas & feelings to carry a couple of state of calm. Allow us to take a look at every of this follow.


It is a practise of full extended and sluggish respiration. It energises and rejuvenates the thoughts and soul. Common follow of Pranayama will present emotional stability and assist to eradicate anxiousness, worry and stress out of your life. It’ll additionally enhance respiration capability, stamina and vitality, which aren’t any crucial if you end up pregnant. Pranayam is of two varieties –

  • Anulom vilom pranayama– Designed to carry breath, present extra oxygen to mom and child.
  • Bhramaripranyam Helps to launch stress, anger and calms the thoughts. Makes managed respiration simpler throughout labour.


That is nothing however meditation. It’s leisure approach which helps to focus, enhance consciousness and calm the thoughts. It helps to create concord between the thoughts, physique and soul. Sit together with your backbone straight and chant mantras like “OM” for 8-10 minutes


Yoga asanas are positions, which stimulate varied energies within the physique. Right here we listing a number of asanas or mudras.

  • Aparna Mudra- helps take care of ache notion
  • Gyan Mudra calms and purifies the thoughts
  • Aakash mudra- promotes positivity
  • Pushan Mudra- helps to alleviate nausea, heartburn and a sense of fullness
  • Yoga Bandha- refers to static postures. Entails repetitive constriction of rectal sphincter which helps to strengthen pelvic flooring muscle mass and aids in pure start. Additionally prevents urinary leak whereas coughing ,sneezing or laughing


Put up-natal yoga is vital. It helps you address many post-delivery issues and helps you get again in your toes quicker after childbirth. On the event of Worldwide Day of Yoga, listed here are a number of advantages of post-natal yoga.

  • It lets you regain steadiness and mobility quicker
  • It helps in muscular restoration
  • It helps in post-delivery weight reduction
  • It calms the thoughts and helps you address stress and anxiousness
  • It restores lung features and respiration patterns
  • It helps you alter to the calls for within the post-natal interval like breast feeding, therapeutic and restoration in addition to sleep deprivation.


Earlier than starting a yoga programme, get your physician’s approval. It isn’t advisable if there are any being pregnant issues.

(This text is authored by Dr Loveleena Nadir, Obstetrician and gynecologist, Rosewalk Hospital)

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